Monday, June 30, 2008

Creating Payroll Checks

It is time to create my first payroll. I have already input my employees information through the employee set up wizard. The set up wizard is a step by step guide to inputting employee information.

This Software Solution prints on preprinted checks. I start by clicking on pay. This brings up a check details page. My employees are paid per hour so all I do is put in the number of hours worked. The Software Solution automatically calculates all related taxes and deductions. The check details page does ask for the pay period dates and the pay date. In this Payroll Program , as I understand,the pay date is important. The pay date is the date all the reports are generated around. Remembering this fact is very helpful in utilizing the reports in the program.

Naturally, printing the checks for my employees is the next step in the process. I have the choice to print each check individually or print multiple checks at one time. The easiest choice for myself is to print all my checks at once. I click on that option and choose my dates, again according to pay date. I can then preview the checks. Better safe than sorry. Once I’m completely comfortable with this program I’m sure I will not need to preview.

Once printed, the check has two pay stubs, one for the employee and one for my paper records. The Payroll Program does save all created checks for reference if need exists.
One additional note about creating checks the check number and pay date cannot be edited. If I need to edit those entries on a check I will need to create a new check and delete the previous check.

You can download a free demo if you want to from the link below:
Payroll Software Download