Monday, September 8, 2008

Payroll Software- Deleting a Check

Last I posted I was entrusting the Payroll Program to a new user. As I have raved, the program is very simple to use, so I foresaw no problems. It was no surprise payroll checks were issued without a major problem. She was able to use the Payroll Software without asking a single question. Because she created payroll during the week while she had access to the program she dated the payroll checks the day she created them. This is only a problem for my own records.
All payroll checks were correct. I just need to go back into the Payroll Program to change the pay date. The two things you cannot edit on a previously created check are the pay date and the check number. I recreated my payroll choosing the correct pay date. Then I went to the listing of all my checks. I selected the checks from the same pay periods with the wrong pay date. From here I delete the checks I don't want in the program.
I will continue using this Payroll Product through the end of the year. If I come across any problems I will create a new posting. I will definitely let everyone know how the well the program works to create W2 forms. I will absolutely be ordering Payroll Mate 2009.

You can download a free demo if you want to from the link below:
Payroll Software Download