Monday, July 7, 2008

Finding Answers to My Questions

Why is my unemployment not calculating correctly? I was not sure why the incorrect dollar amount was being deducted from the paychecks. I went back through the steps of setting up my company information. Clicking on company and then state tax information. Here a basic fill in form appears. I look, I think my information is correctly filled in, what next?

I called the Payroll Software company. My call was answered promptly. The support representative knew what my problem could be right away and she was right. The program wanted my state’s rate as a percent, I had plugged in the number as a decimal. This seemed so simple I wanted to be able to find answers on my own.
I logged on to the website to see if my questions could be answered in the FAQ’s as stated in some of the emails I received from the company. I was able to find many subjects were covered in this section of the website.

Another place to look for answers is the help section of the Payroll Program itself. If a user needed help inputting information this is a wonderful guide. The help menu can even be printed if the user wanted to have the information right in front of them.

As long as I was researching my help options I thought I would try the live chat feature on the website This is just one more option customers have to get help. From the home page you can click on contact us or from the Payroll Software page you can also access the online chat. I clicked on the online live chat button entered my name, email and question. I asked about the unemployment again. I received the same prompted answer as when I called the office. Even though the the Payroll Program is simple to use, it is nice to know that my questions will be answered.

You can download a free demo if you want to from the link below:
Payroll Software Download