Monday, July 28, 2008

1099 Misc / Contractors

I have been using Payroll Mate for 4 pay periods now. I think the decision to do my own payroll was the right choice. This Payroll Software has saved me money without taking up a large chunk of my time.

At this point I hired a contractor to do some temporary work for me. Payroll Mate is a program for employees but the company has a solution for those customers who need to pay contractors. Contractors receive 1099 Misc forms at the end of the year versus employees who receive W2 forms. Adding my contractor to my company, with my employees, could cause problems with my 941 form. The solution Real Business Solutions gave me was to add a second company.

Open the Payroll Program, go to file, open new company. This is the same process as I went through before but I will now use this company just for my contractor(s). Using the program in this manner keeps the contractor(s) separate from my employees, at the same allows me to create a check for the contractor(s).

Just a note about one feature of the Payroll Program. Payroll Mate can accommodate up to ten companies with 75 employees per company. This ability to accommodate 10 companies comes standard for $99 per year. If you have the need Payroll Mate can be upgraded. The upgraded version does not limited companies or employees.

You can download a free demo if you want to from the link below:
Payroll Software Download