Monday, August 11, 2008

Payroll Software- Deposit Requirements

I mentioned the reports this Payroll Program supports. This Payroll Software has nine different reports. These forms are built into the program at no additional cost. They are included in the $99. The reports can be used for many purposes. You can view as many or as few employees’ details at once. You can choose to view per pay period or a longer time frame. Each report gives different information, one may give a complete break down of all withholdings, another may give totals for the time period selected. There is no shortage of report options to select from.

I will be using the Deposit Requirement Report to fill in my monthly state tax form. The Deposit Requirement Report breaks down all the tax and deduction amounts individually. I can bring up the report for any time period I choose. So the report can give me totals for one month, quarterly or longer. Using this report gives me the tax information I need to fill in my monthly state forms.

I can also see my 941 total. This Payroll Software does support the 941 form, which I think I wrote about previously. I find using this report to view my monthly liability easier than using the totals directly from the 941 form. I do like to see the breakdown and the total on one page.

I cannot stress more, to the small business owner, the ease of this Payroll Program. I mention small business owner or larger companies because that is what I consider myself. I'm sure this software has benefits for all sized companies. In the past I have used software or services that have cost me much more than this program.

I want to share with you, the name of the solution to your needs, is Payroll Mate, and you can download a free demo if you want to from the link below:Payroll Software Download