Wednesday, October 7, 2009

State Reporting- Payroll Software

Payroll Mate is a wonderful small to medium business payroll software. The makers of Payroll Mate are consistently updating their product and adding new features to benefit their customers. The newest feature available is state reporting. This feature is available to Illinois and Texas customers now. I have been assured more states will be added over the coming months.

Payroll Mate automatically calculates net pay, federal withholding tax, Social Security tax, Medicare, state and local payroll taxes. Payroll Mate also supports different types of payroll pay periods, prints checks, prepares payroll forms 941, 944, 940, W2 and W3. This payroll software also supports user-defined Income, Tax, and Deduction categories. The software supports up to 10 companies with 75 employees per company.

This payroll software has many options that can be added to the basic program. For a complete list of features, options and a free trial go to