Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Features for Payroll Mate

I recently received a call from Payroll Mate. It was a call to let me know updates were sent out and they added new options for the program. The company is also offering a $10 discount to customers who preorder the 2009 Payroll Software.

The new options you can add to the program are laser substitute printing for W2 copy A and the W3 Transmittal Summary forms, Direct Deposit and more employees and/or companies.

Laser substitute printing is wonderful if you do not want to purchase forms. You will be able to print the forms on blank paper.

Many companies/employees like to use direct deposit instead of paper checks nowadays. I'm sure this option will be well received by many customers.

The Payroll Program as it is will accommodate up to 10 companies with 75 employees per company all for $99. This new option will allow for larger companies to utilize the software. This option will accommodate up to 100 companies with 1000 employees per company.

Convenience this is what I think these new option add to the program. Since this is my first year using the program I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the price did not go up. Really, what product, especially today, has not gone up in price. As a matter of fact I purchased the program for less than last year because I got the $10 discount.

The updates to the program include the end of the year forms and check printing options. You can now print the checks in last name, first name or check number order.

You can download a free demo if you'd like from the link below:
Payroll Software Download This payroll solution is very easy to use and affordable.